Bingo Rules

How To Play Bingo

Whether you want to play bingo online, or go to a local hall, make sure you follow this little guide to figure out all the different bingo rules and how to play.

If you have never played the game of bingo before, or if it seems really complex and difficult, we can assure you that it is not and this guide is most definitely for you.

A Simple Game!

It’s quite likely the simplicity of the game is what attracts a great deal of females to play. Plus you will be happy to find out there are several ways to win and many different game variations. The most common of which is 90 ball bingo. Players typically win through getting a line, two lines and a full house.

Online cards are marked for you automatically, but if you play in a local UK bingo hall you will have to mark your cards yourself, whoever is the fastest and most alert maximises their odds of winning the jackpot!

Play For As Much A You Like!

Depending on where you play, you can purchase a set number of tickets. Some sites limit the number of tickets, 56 is a common limit, other times you can purchase over 100 different tickets. Obviously the more tickets you purchase the more chance you have of winning.

Typically tickets start from as little as 1p. But if you keep your eyes peeled there are lots of free game options, where you can win real cash prizes doing so.

The game itself is not rocket science. You just need to be quick witted in UK bingo halls and dab off your tickets as fast as possible. Online you don’t have to do much, that’s why there tends to be vibrant chat rooms where players get to socialise whilst they play the game.